This section contains ‘living file’ of resources designed to increase an understanding of  traceability in laboratory medicine and its impact on reducing between-method variability and improving clinical outcomes for patients.  The resources are presented in four categories. 

Additional resources may be found in the Publications and Meetings section of this website.


Glossary of terms used in traceability in laboratory medicine:

Robert Wielgosz (FR). Access the document here.



JCTLM webinars:

  • Traceability in laboratory medicine: a driver for accurate results for patient care.20 questions and answers for trainees in laboratory medicine. Graham Beastall (UK). January 2017. Access the webinar at: 
  • All results are made and interpreted by comparison. Anja Kessler (DE). In preparation 
  • The pillars of standardization. Elvar Theodorsson (SE). Access the webinar at:
  • Basic traceability chains. Jeanita Pritchett (USA). In preparation 
  • Basics of traceability applied to laboratory medicine. Anja Kessler (DE). In preparation 
  • Standardization and harmonization. Elvar Theodorsson (SE). Access the webinar at:
  • Commutability explained. Vincent Delatour (FR). In preparation 
  • Commutability – why it matters. Vincent Delatour (FR). In preparation 
  • Traceable and commutable calibrators.David Ducroq (UK).  In preparation 
  • Examples of reference materials. Jeanita Pritchett (USA). In preparation 
  • Examples of reference measurement procedures Jeanita Pritchett. In preparation


Webinars from other organizations:


PowerPoint presentations: 

JCTLM PowerPoint presentations:


Kinldy note that webinar presentations may be obtained as PowerPoint and Word files, by direct request to the author of the webinar. Please contact IFCC office at for further details.


Other PowerPoint presentations:  

Other relevant resources: 

Both Eurachem and Citac have resources available to aid an understanding of the importance of traceability. These resources may be accessed at:


A leaflet entitled ‘Metrological traceability of analytical results’ may be downloaded here